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����1.a change of pace �ı䲽��;����ζ

����You can't do these chemistry experiments all day long. You certainly need a change of pace��

����2.a far cry from �����Զ

����The published book is a far cry from the early manuscript��

����3.and how ��ȷ

����A��She' s a good dancer��

����B��And how ��

����4.a matter of time ʱ������

����It is only a matter of time��

����5.a phone call away һ���绰֮Զ����Ը�������æ

����If you need my help, do let me know. Just remember I am a phone call away��

����6.a while back ������ǰ

����Well, I listened to that CD you lent me a while back��

����7.all along һֱ

����I knew it all along��

����8.anything but ���Բ�

����I was anything but happy about going��

����9.account for ����

����How do you account for it?

����10.after all �Ͼ�;�վ�

����A��I' ve just seen the X-rays and your teeth look just fine��

����B��I see. Then there is nothing to worry about after all��

����11.allergic to �ԡ�������

����Oh man! Something in this room is making my eyes itch. I must be allergic to something��

����12.at sb' s service ԸΪij�˷���

����I am at your service at any time��

����13.around the clock 24Сʱ��ͣ

����Martha studied around the clock for management exam��


����14.as far as I know ������֪

����But as far as I know, he once won the world champion at the Olympic Games��

����15.at home with �ԡ�������Ϥ

����She is at home with problems like this��

����16.back out �˳�

����A��Wasn' t Bert supposed to sing tonight?

����B��Yes, but he backed out at last minute��


����She finally backed out of her promise��

����17.be cut out for �ʺ��ڣ�����ij������츳

����She is cut out for a dancer��

����18.be absorbed in ȫ���ע��ij����

����She has been absorbed in a horrorfiction. I can' t tear her away��

����19.be addicted to ��ij�������

����She has been addicted to drugs for years��

����20.be attached to ��ij�������

����A��I' m amazed that you are still driving that old car of yours. I thought you would have gotten rid of it years ago��

����B��It runs well and I' ve actually been quite attached to it��









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